Mizuno RUnning Cuprum Pack
Stories | 02.01.2020

Running Cuprum Pack

Energy to run the extra mile

The new Running Cuprum pack, inspired by Copper’s (from Latin: Cuprum) high thermal and electrical conductivity properties, will provide you with the energy to take on your next running challenges.

The gold accents add an elegant touch to the black upper, creating a stylish and luxurious look in the top models of our road running range: Wave Skyrise, Wave Horizon 4, Wave Inspire 16, Wave Rider 23 and Wave Sky 3.

Mizuno Running Cuprum Pack

Wave Horizon 4

The new Wave Horizon 4 provides superior comfort and reassuring support. The combination of XPOP PU foam and Mizuno Foamwave provides the softest landing whilst supporting the movement of the foot from landing to toe-off.

Mizuno Running Cuprum Pack

Wave Inspire16

The Wave Inspire 16 is designed for runners who require moderate support and dynamic cushioning. With a Fan-Shaped Mizuno Wave, it guarantees stability in a lightweight construction.

Mizuno Running Cuprum Pack

Wave Rider 23

The Wave Rider 23 is built for high performance, unrivalled responsiveness and exhilarating runs. Featuring a dual compound mid-sole paired with Mizuno Wave Technology, it delivers dynamic cushioning in a lightweight construction.

Mizuno Running Cuprum Pack

Wave Sky 3

Designed for distance, the Wave Sky 3 combines XPOP PU foam with Mizuno Foamwave to create an all-new floating running experience. Run further and more comfortable with extremely soft cushioning and a luxurious upper.

Mizuno Running Cuprum Pack
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