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Stories | 19.09.2019


Inspired by two milestones of the Japanese tradition, the Morelia Neo II and the Rebula 3 of the Samurai vs Ninja pack have been created to pay tribute to the immense power of the noble caste of Samurai warriors during the medieval Japan and to the mysterious character of the legendary Ninja, respectively.

Morelia Neo II

The aggressive and intense red colour of the Morelia Neo II represents the fire, which is an essential element for the forging process of the mythical katana, the traditional Japanese sword, with a unique design and shape used by Samurai warriors.

The silver colour used for the Runbird logo is inspired by the steel used for making the characteristic curved blade known as tamahagane or “jewel steel”. Considered as one of the most iconic football boots by Mizuno, the Morelia Neo II JAPAN is totally engineered in Japan and recognised for raw speed and the super light weight (180g). The boots feature a premium grade K-Leather upper combined with a super-soft and pliable midfoot.

Rebula 3

Darker colours have been chosen for the Rebula 3 since the functions of a Ninja or Shinobi feudal Japan, such as espionage, deception and surprise attacks were mainly taken during the night.

The main purpose of the blue colour adopted is to emphasize the aura of mystery behind the extraordinary technical abilities and supernatural powers often associated to the Ninja warriors.

These handcrafted Japan made football boots combine a soft K-Leather with a special 3D CT-Frame that ensures perfect ball control and a perfect fit. The traction and stability are guaranteed by the new outsole with the stud stabilizer technology, which runs throughout the rearfoot and midfoot studs to provide traction during grounding and push-off.

The boot feels like an extension of your foot thanks to the specially designed integrated mesh tongue and the synthetic strips, which provide lateral stability by wrapping around your forefoot and midfoot, extending to the heel area.

Samurai vs Ninja Football pack