Mizuno World

Kosei Pack

Mizuno proudly presents the Kizuna Pack, featuring the Wave Rider 10, Wave Rider β, and Wave Prophecy β2. This collection is a celebration of individuality inspired by the Japanese concept of Kosei, meaning "personality."

Wave Daichi 8

Introducing our latest running shoe, crafted for those who embrace challenges head-on. Conquer long-distance runs and technical trails with confidence, thanks to the Vibram Megagrip outsole, offering superior grip on wet and uneven terrain.

Wave Rebellion Pro 2

Unleash your speed potential with the Wave Rebellion Pro 2 – the key to sub-2.5 hour marathons and personal bests are now within your reach. This cutting-edge running shoe is loaded with features designed for peak performance. Smooth Speed Assist guides your every step with the ideal gait, while the G3 sole ensures impeccable grip without adding extra weight.

Wave Skyrise 5

Experience the pinnacle of running comfort with the revolutionary design of our latest shoe. The incorporation of MIZUNO ENERZY CORE and MIZUNO WAVE technology not only provides a soft cushioning effect but also delivers an unparalleled energy return, ensuring a floating feel with each stride.

Wave Lightning z8

The Mizuno Wave Lightning Z8 represents a notable advancement over its predecessor, the Z7, with several key improvements that enhance its performance on the volleyball court.

Wave Neo Collection

We vinden het belangrijk dat iedereen zich verbonden voelt met het milieu en onze leefomgeving


The Nordrhein-Westfalen region, and especially the city of Bochum, is defined as deep in the West of Germany. As the famous German singer Herbert Grönemeyer - one of the most famous Bochum sympathizers - has been singing for many years about the sunset deep in the west in his cult song "Bochum".

Wave Sky 7

The Wave Sky 7 is the pinnacle of comfort, designed to surpass its predecessor by providing a superior level of a floating run experience. Whether you're a seasoned runner or just starting your fitness journey, this shoe is tailored for daily runners of all body types who seek an unparalleled floating running experience.

Morelia NEO IV β Japan

Introducing the New Morelia NEO IV β Japan— a masterpiece born from the Japanese philosophy of KAIZEN, embodying the relentless pursuit of improvement. Engineered to provide an unparalleled level of comfort, this boot molds to your feet, creating the feeling of a second skin.

Mizuno Alpha Release

Step into the world of vibrant expressionism with the Mizuno Alpha, now available in the captivating colorway "Release." Designed to make a bold statement on the pitch, this colorway makes use of a striking red hue that highlights the intricate patterns found on the Mizuno Alpha.

SS Lazio Home & Away Kits 2023-2024

We are thrilled to unveil the striking new home and away kits designed exclusively for S.S. Lazio. Carefully crafted with the perfect blend of style and functionality, these kits represent the team's spirit and will undoubtedly make a powerful statement on and off the field.


VFL BOCHUM 1848 home & away 2023-2024

The new jerseys for your colours. It's what you wear when it's time to get down to business on a matchday, waiting for the kick-off. When you give everything for your colours, it comes down to this: football as it should be, football as it's always been! On the pitch and in the stands - it's Castroper Street football. It's for your city, for your club - again and again.