Stories | 02.09.2019

Urban Camo Pack

The Urban Camo Pack is the latest running collection for this season, featuring elegant and modern shade contrasts from white to black. This pack includes six of our running shoes: Wave Sky 3, Wave Rider 23, Wave Ultima 11, Wave Horizon 3, Wave Inspire 15 and Wave Polaris.

Wave Sky 3

The Wave Sky 3 is designed to provide maximum cushioning. It features two new technologies, Mizuno Foam Wave and XPOP, to provide runners with a maximized soft and bouncy feel.

Wave Rider 23

Mizuno I

The Wave Rider 23 is a running shoe for all-round neutral runners looking for dynamic cushioning and a high energy return.

Wave Ultima 11

Mizuno I

The Wave Ultima 11, specifically designed for medium to long-distance runs, is suitable for runners seeking for versatily and comfort.

Wave Horizon 3

Mizuno I

The Wave Horizon 3 is built for high-millage runners looking for maximum cushioning and enhanced support.

Wave Inspire 15

Mizuno I

The Wave Inspire 15 offers moderate support and dynamic cushioning, all in a high-performance construction.

Wave Polaris

Mizuno I

The Wave Polaris is ideal for beginner runners, as it delivers a comfortable and stable running experience that keeps you motivated to reach beyond your limits.