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Mizuno Field Hockey shoes

Looking to buy hockey shoes? The Wave Lynx is an excellent all-round choice and with the Wave Panthera you are opting for a faster, lightweight shoe. Both with outstanding breathability and sufficient comfort, so you will easily last a match or long training.

Discover both models, we even have a Junior version of the Wave Lynx for kids. ...

Shoes that are especially made for a hockey field with bigger studs for outstanding grip on artificial grass.

Stability, speed and comfort

Are you going for maximum stability and more speed? With more bounciness in a very lightweight shoe? The Panthera offers everything you are looking for in a high-quality hockey shoe. Thanks to U4ICX and, for example, the use of Pownce. High-quality materials with ideal characteristics that enable you to move in any direction, while continuously experiencing the best stability. On shoes with a grounded feel, while you are moving yourself back and forth at lightning speed.

The Wave Lynx is an all-round hockey shoe, suitable for all surfaces and situations. Thanks to outstanding comfort and an enforced heel. You also feel excellent cushioning and are able to turn quickly due to the flexible forefoot. A complete shoe with a partial Wave plate for good stability as well as flexibility.

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