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Stories | 24.05.2019

WAVE SKY 3-Running on innovation

Running on innovation

The Wave Sky 3 is a running shoe designed to provide a luxurious and ultra-cushioned running experience.
To accomplish this, Mizuno upgrades its midsole with an innovative combination of two brand new technologies - Mizuno Foam Wave and XPOP – for a maximized soft and bouncy feel.

Mizuno Foam Wave

Mizuno Foam Wave is made of two soft materials, placed together in a wave shaped design, creating a structure with unique shock absorption capacity. This platform brings additional stability benefits as the insertion of the foam in a wave design controls pressure during landing and guides the movement of the foot.


XPOP is a completely new midsole compound, made of PU foam, that delivers super soft cushioning, high energy return and durability. It is added to provide an even softer landing and to add a bouncy feeling that you will appreciate especially during your longer runs.

Mizuno Tennis Collection Clay Season

Combining these two technologies, Mizuno creates the ultimate floating run experience. At each step, you will feel an extremely cushioned landing, followed by the energy return that will propel your next step. Run for longer, more comfortable and, most of all, enjoying every mile.