Mizuno x Hanses In Japan
Stories | 21.10.2019

Mikkel Hansen discovers Japan

“Your eyes never relax here”

The three-time named IHF World Player of the Year, Mikkel Hansen, travelled to Mizuno’s hometown to experience the Japanese culture and philosophy, strongly embedded in the soul of the brand.

Hansen visited Mizuno’s 7-floor flagship store in Osaka, where he had the opportunity to discover the variety of sports in which we have a strong presence and experience the brand’s pursuit of product innovation.

Mizuno X Mikkel Hansen

To Hansen, this experience in Japan was a discovery of the essence of the Japanese culture, such as the kindness of people, the respect for tradition and the vibrant atmosphere in the streets:

“I love this country…You keep getting amazed about new interesting things”

Working together with Mikkel Hansen in this highly inspiring environment nourished ideas for new projects as Mizuno team always aims to Reach Beyond.

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