Wave Rider Beta

Combining tradition and craftsmanship with technology and innovation, the new Wave Rider β is a tribute to one of Mizuno’s true icons: the Wave Rider. Redesigned, while taking inspiration from the iconic models found in its line, the Wave Rider β represents a perfect balance of innovation and tradition.

The Wave Rider β is Mizuno Sportstyle’s brand new silhouette that draws inspiration from various iconic Wave Rider models. Built on the midsole and outsole unit of the latest Wave Rider 26, on top sits a brand new upper which is inspired by various Wave rider models that date back to the models first introduction in 1997.

Finished in a combination of premium suedes and meshes throughout the shoe the Wave Rider β looks back at its Japanese heritage, functioning as an icon of the past that empowers the unique souls of today.

Wave Rider Beta
Wave Rider Beta



€ 180,00