Wave Sky Collection (12)

Men Running 3 colors
Unisex Volleyball 4 colors
€112.00 160.00
Premium Aero Jacket
Women Running 2 colors
€60.00 100.00
Unisex Football 2 colors
Unisex Judo 1 color

Mizuno Wave Sky running shoes

Mizuno Wave Sky running shoes offer a soft landing and exceptional bounciness. Shoes that feel like comfortable socks, while maintaining sufficient stability to push your boundaries.

Thanks to our innovative XPOP foam and the ENERZY midsole that offer a softer landing and better cushioning. ...

A stable base for your running shoes that are even more comfortable than you are used from us, because it does not contain the relatively rigid Wave plate.

Like a comfortable sock

Our important ambassadors experience the Mizuno Wave Sky running shoes like comfortable socks. To keep running smoothly, even when you are challenging yourself to push further and Reach Beyond what you thought you were capable of. With a tight, but comfortable fit that forms around your foot seamlessly. And with materials specially designed for a softer landing while maintaining sufficient stability.

The Wave Sky running shoes combine the 17% softer and 15% bouncier Enerzy technology with the XPOP foam. An excellent combination which puts together optimal comfort with outstanding flexibility. The added Foam Wave ensures the stability you need to reach goals you never dared to chase.

Tip: Are you looking for a corrective running shoe, because you overpronate when you run? Discover the comparable Wave Horizon running shoe. Shoes that correct your feet to ensure a better running style.

In all conditions

The continuous development of the sole with our unique XPOP material makes the shoes suitable for all conditions. Unlike with many other running shoes, these are less sensitive to extremely low or high temperatures. They do not get unusually hard or soft in changing temperatures, because of a material that can withstand this. You can go running in all conditions and completely rely on an exceptional pair of Mizuno Wave Sky running shoes.

Mizuno Wave Sky running shoes

Our Mizuno Wave Sky running shoes have a lower heel drop which puts more focus on the mid-foot. Because of the 2mm lower drop you experience less pressure and you run more effortlessly. You will reach your next goal with a smile. Even if you challenge yourself by raising the bar a bit higher every time.

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