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Mizuno Wave Rider running shoes

Mizuno Wave Rider running shoes: the all-time favourite of many athletes and ambassadors. An all-round running shoe perfect for running any distance, from marathons to shorter runs. The Wave plate offers maximum stability and Enerzy gives a softer landing and more bounce in every step.

A lightweight shoe with a reinforced outsole of a strong cushioning material that maintains stability. Its relevant characteristics have made this shoe a highly popular choice among athletes, and recreational runners, for over 20 years. ...

Challenge yourself and Reach Beyond with a new pair of Mizuno Wave Rider running shoes.

Bounciness with U4IC and U4ICx

The Wave Rider has a number of important characteristics. The high-quality EVA foam offers outstanding bounciness and good cushioning, while maintaining stability because of constant development by our product specialists. They ensure the quality of the Wave Rider under any circumstance, whether you are running during winter or summer.

In the heel we have used Enerzy technology, a renewed EVA foam that is even softer and bouncier than our previous U4icX technology, which we have added to the sole in the back of the shoe. For excellent cushioning and a stable base, which automatically lets you adopt a better running technique. These running shoes will last you hundreds of kilometres.

The outsole of our Mizuno Wave Rider is constructed of blown rubber and carbon microfibres. Because those microfibres are much more abrasion resistant, there is no wear and tear even after hundreds of kilometres.

All-round with the Wave plate

The most important part of the shoe is the Wave plate, which forms the basis of our Mizuno Wave Rider running shoe. A reinforced plate in the shoe, that greatly improves the stability. With the Wave Rider you can continuously set new goals on shoes that challenge you to Reach Beyond what you thought was capable.

With the recognizable Wave form alongside the sole you can instantly tell our Mizuno running shoes apart from other brands. Suited for low to moderate pressure, both in weight as well as your running style. For short and long distances, up to the marathons our athletes run.

Tip: have you noticed that you overpronate while running or have you been advised to run in corrective running shoes? The Wave Inspire is probably the shoe for you. A comparable shoe, with a correcting Wave plate to limit overpronation.

Mizuno Wave Rider running shoes

Our Wave Rider shoes have a heel drop that guarantees a good landing of the foot. By adding a couple of extra millimetres to the heel, you will land your feet in a way that suits your running style and will help you become a better running.

Discover our Mizuno Wave Rider running shoes and order them online. Or ask our specialists anything you want to know, like questions about our Wave plate and Enerzy technology which add softness and bounciness. We would love to explain it all to you, so you are able to make the right decision in running shoes and take on new running challenges.

Do you have questions about our Mizuno running shoes? Call 08000 461317 free of charge, ask your questions on our Facebook page or use our online contact form. We would love to hear from you!

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