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Men Running 3 colors
Unisex Volleyball 4 colors
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Mizuno Wave Inspire running shoes

Mizuno Wave Inspire running shoes: very all-round, but also ideal for running a marathon. A great shoe that has been many athletes’ favourite for years. Every year we launch a new and improved edition with our newest technologies. For even better cushioning, more stability and always with our characteristic Wave plate which we continue to improve down to the smallest detail.

The Wave Inspire running shoes prevent overpronation. The special shape of the Wave plate corrects your feet, with more volume and support on the inside of the shoe. You will automatically adopt a better running style with less overpronation.

Our Wave Inspire is the ideal running shoe for all-round runners that are looking for a corrective shoe. With optimal stability and excellent cushioning. ...

All in a lightweight shoe, regardless of the powerful Wave plate, which we have integrated in the shoe in a natural way.

All-round corrective shoe

Our ambassadors run their best marathon times in the Mizuno Wave Inspire running shoes, while there are also many athletes that use them for (much) shorter distances. It is a high-quality all-round running shoe. For years, the Wave Inspire has been among the best of the best for both serious athletes as well as recreational runners.

Naturally, the Mizuno Wave Inspire running shoe is made up of several well-known Mizuno technologies. Like the abrasion resistant sole of blown rubber, enforced with carbon microfibres. These microfibres make the sole very abrasion resistant which allows you to run hundreds of kilometres without noticing any wear and tear. The heel contains U4ic and U4icX material for a softer landing, while the rest of the sole offers bounciness and stability.

Cushioning and stability

Trust the cushioning, stability and outstanding bounciness of our Mizuno Wave Inspire running shoes. Which allow you to reach new heights in your performance and reach goals time and time again. You will reach further than you thought was possible, you will Reach Beyond.

We have designed the shoe with U4ic for a smooth landing, with carbon in the sole for abrasion resistance and, of course, with the Wave plate for more stability and bounciness. A pair of corrective running shoes with an adjusted Wave plate. With more volume and the right shape, so you get the support that fits your running style.

Mizuno Wave Inspire running shoes

Excited about our Mizuno Wave Inspire running shoes? Order them online and challenge yourself to reach new goals. On a pair of all-round running shoes for average pressure based on running style and weight. Our specialists are here to advise you on this.

Tip: Do you want to run on a shoe similar to the Mizuno Wave Inspire, but without the pronation correction? Our Wave Rider is the shoe for you.

Do you have questions about our Mizuno running shoes? Call 08000 461317 free of charge, ask your questions on our Facebook page or use our online contact form. We would love to hear from you!

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