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Mizuno running shoes

Mizuno running shoes help you to challenge yourself. To set your goals and go further every time. On a pair of all-round shoes with our characteristic Wave plate that are so comfortable that it feels like slipping your feet into a pair of socks. With the perfect fit, extra cushioning in the heel and, for example, our unique XPOP-foam, which makes the shoe softer than you have ever experienced. For shoes that get you further and that help you to reach new goals every time.

Are you looking for a shoe that is high in comfort or a more classic but still accessible shoe? Discover the different Mizuno running shoes that all allow you to continuously set new goals. To take on the next challenge with a pair of shoes with the best technologies. Cushioning, stability and bounciness of the material are all important in a running shoe. We have perfectly adjusted these elements to one another to offer you nothing but the best. Whether you are looking for shoes for low, moderate or high pressure, depending on body weight and running style. The result? A top-notch pair of Mizuno running shoes that fit you. Literally and figuratively.

Discover our running shoes

Within our wide range of running shoes we have exactly what you are looking for. For example, a pair of shoes from one of our most popular product lines:

  • Wave Rider All-round running shoe, on which our favourite athletes improve even their best personal records. At the same time, the Wave Rider is also perfect for recreational runners that run short and long distances. With our characteristic Wave plate for maximum stability during your run. Our all-time favourite running shoe for over 20 years.

  • Wave Inspire The ideal running shoe if you like to run on a light and dynamic shoe, but are also looking to correct your overpronation in a natural way. Thanks to the adjusted Wave plate, with the same important cushioning, stability and bounciness.

  • Wave Sky Comfortable running shoe with a soft landing and optimal bounciness. Up to 17% bouncier because of the unique Enerzy material in the sole. And with XPOP foam as an alternative for the more rigid Wave plate. This is an accessible and comfortable shoe in which you will run effortlessly.

  • Wave Skyrise Our comfortable choice, even with a heavier running style or higher weight. With a millimetre of extra height and a wider sole, this shoe offers you exceptional stability. From the landing of the heel until the end of your step, we give you the opportunity to reach new goals.

  • Wave Horizon The comfortable choice if you are looking for a running shoe that corrects your overpronation. Without a Wave plate, for a softer and more comfortable way of correcting. With XPOP foam, an Enerzy sole and a Wave shape on the in- and outside of the shoe.

Tip: are you looking for other Mizuno running shoes, for specific surfaces or activities? Discover for example our Daichi and Hayate trail running shoes, our training shoes, or the Wave Paradox which corrects very strong overpronation.

Mizuno running shoes: Reach Beyond

Ready to take on the next challenge and continue to set new goals for yourself? Take the next step on a pair of shoes that guarantees your success. Go further than you have every been able to go with Mizuno running shoes that perfectly support you during your runs, with stability and cushioning you can trust.
Do you have questions about our Mizuno running shoes? Call 08000 461317 free of charge, ask your questions on our Facebook page or use our online contact form. We would love to hear from you!