WAVE RIDER 10 "Koi" x One Block Down

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WAVE RIDER 10 "Koi" x One Block Down

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Product Details


** Only available at Mizuno.com till the 8th of december 2023 **

In celebration of this enduring legacy and global influence, this collaboration introduces the "Flame Wave," a new model available in three colorways.
This remarkable shoe features a redesigned upper, inspired by silhouette in Mizuno’s archive.

The deconstructed upper boasts intricate flame-like detailing in anodized material, visible from all angles, seamlessly merging with the classic sole of the Wave Rider 10.

This meticulous attention to detail extends throughout the silhouette, including reflective elements and personalized branding on the heel, depicting a flaming sun—a symbol of the collaboration and the harmonious union between Mizuno's iconic logo and One Block Down's branding on the tongue.

The One Block Down x Mizuno "Flame Wave" collection includes three different color options: black, red, and green.

One Block Down: As one of today’s foremost encounter points, One Block Down is a futurebound concept allowing global communities to traverse an archive of untold subcultural stories and build commonality around what it considers to be foundational knowledge.
It is such encounters that see new communities form; communities not defined by physical distance, but by their infinite connection to something far greater.

One Block Down is as much an educator and facilitator, as it is a renegade and storyteller, using its brand to carve out a new set of cultural principles while synthesizing the interests of its global following.
Together with the production and distribution of industry-leading content, it continues to push its product offering and collaborative partners further in redefining contemporary stylistic discourse and exciting feelings of genuine belonging.

Mizuno: Founded in 1906, Mizuno emerged in Osaka, Japan, driven by a fervent desire to redefine sports gear.
The brand swiftly garnered acclaim for its high-performance equipment, setting new benchmarks through a seamless blend of tradition and technology
From its origins to its current iconic status, Mizuno's legacy stands as a testament to its relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation.
As the brand continues to evolve, it remains an embodiment of unparalleled craftsmanship, inspiring athletes worldwide.


Weight(g): 676


Textile, Synthetic Leather

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