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Mizuno Wave Horizon running shoes

Mizuno Wave Horizon running shoes combine a smooth design with sufficient stability. If you are looking for correction, the Wave Horizon is an excellent shoe for you.

Our Wave Horizon running shoes correct without the Wave plate that many Mizuno shoes are so well-known for. ...For a more comfortable shoe with soft cushioning. And how have we ensured stability? We have used Mizuno Foam Wave: two intertwined foam parts in a wave shape.

Comfort with a smooth experience

Are you looking for comfort and a smooth experience when running? Then our Mizuno Wave Horizon running shoes are an excellent choice for you. Thanks to the softer MIZUNO ENERZY material in the whole upper part of the sole. As much as 17% softer and 15% bouncier than traditional materials, so you experience maximum comfort during your runs.

Note: Are you looking for corrective running shoes? Our Wave Horizon running shoes are an outstanding choice. The Enerzy material is constructed higher on the inside of the foot than on the outside. Moreover, the ankle part of the shoe is slightly asymmetric, exactly enough to correct your feet.

The typical Wave plate has not been included in this shoe, for a more comfortable experience. At the same time, the sole still has the characteristic Wave shape. With more volume on the inside, for exactly enough correction. As with the XPOP foam, which delivers maximum cushioning and high energy return. All meant to make you run better because the shoe guarantees a smooth step.

Stability with pleasantly soft cushioning

Our Wave Horizon shoes for running combine the pleasant soft cushioning with more than enough stability. Which is very characteristic for Mizuno shoes, although we are not using the Wave plate this time.

We are using XPOP foam, which is a lot softer. And which works well together with MIZUNO ENERZY. Softer and, above all, bouncier. Due to which you experience softer cushioning, without losing on stability. So you can be more comfortable than ever, while also being able to reach beyond your wildest expectations.

Mizuno Wave Horizon running shoes

Order the Mizuno Wave Horizon running shoes online or ask us any questions that you might have. About cushioning and stability, about which our running specialists would love to tell you everything they know. To set higher goals, when you find yourself being capable of more than you could imagine, because you are running in Mizuno running shoes.

Experience the extra soft cushioning of our XPOP material and with MIZUNO ENERZY in the entire length of the sole. And are you looking for comparable running shoes without the correction? Discover the Wave Sky. For a softer landing with the same bounciness, if you are not overpronating and do not need any correction.

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