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El síndrome piramidal o falsa ciática se puede prevenir con una serie de ejercicios

8 ejercicios clave para prevenir el síndrome del piramidal

¿Has tenido molestias en la zona del glúteo al correr o después de entrenar? Descubre qué es el síndrome piramidal y los mejores ejercicios para prevenirlo

Hartslagzones: wat zijn het en hoe werken ze?
Wave Rider 10 DOE

Wave Rider 10 DOE

As a member of MIZUNO’s “KAZOKU” project, DOE has become the first brand in China to collaborate with Mizuno.

Wave Mujin 7

Explore the great unknown with our Wave Mujin 7. This confidence booster of a shoe provides comfort and grip wherever you go, allowing you to run longer distances as you run towards the mountain tops.

For the Moment

The FOR THE MOMENT campaign follows our top athletes on their very personal and challenging journey to Japan this summer.


Dedicated to athletes who want to reach their full potential, the TF-01 was created to provide you with assistance as you train. The added MIZUNO COB technology is designed to help improve balance and reaction time, making sure nothing comes between you and your training goals.

Born Japanese

Born Japanese takes a look into Mizuno’s unique balance between tradition and innovation which constitutes to the very soul of Japanese identity.

Expedition Pack

Expedition pack

Inspired by one of the most important elements of Japanese history

TCS Amsterdam Marathon 2020: Mizuno X Pieter Ceizer Collaboration

Mizuno X Ceizer Collaboration

Mizuno has been the main sponsor of the TCS Amsterdam Marathon for 21 years. Every year, Mizuno challenges an artist to celebrate the art of running by collaborating on a special edition shoe.

Sky Medal S

Sky Medal S

Mizuno Sportstyle opens the new AW2020 collection dropping a contemporary re-imagining of a beloved classic – the Sky Medal S.

Patta X Mizuno Sky Medal

Patta X Mizuno Sky Medal

Building on the joint release from two years ago, Patta has teamed up with the historical sportswear manufacturer and brand Mizuno for an exclusive rendition of their Mizuno Sky Medal once again.

Wave Sky Neo

Infused with MIZUNO ENERZY core, the Wave Sky Neo is created to defy the limits of cushioning and comfort. Designed for runners who want to experience the ultimate floating run, the Wave Sky Neo is the only model that features MIZUNO ENERZY core technology and is 293% softer and 56% bouncier than its predecessors.