The Mizuno Contender takes us back to the legacy of sports, performance, and the 90's culture.

The contender we worked on is an invitation to travel, from Paris to Tokyo.

The first skin, in corduroy, is inspired by the fashion capital, its subway, freestones, and architecture.

The second skin in canvas, reminds us of the Japanese Cherry blossom season and the colours of Tokyo.

There are two options: Let the pair wear out over time or use your creative instinct to combine the two worlds.


From Paris to Tokyo

It takes some skills to cut off the pairs. We created some video content to share the best practices with our community.

Also, people have to be aware of what they can or can not do, cut or burn. To avoid any bad experiences, we worked on a leaflet that comes with each pair to explain the do's and don'ts.

As a pre-launch, we invited some of our friends & family to a workshop at SHINZO Green, at La Samaritaine. All our guests attended a three hour workshop where they would customize their shoes. It was the best occasion for us to see their reactions and having direct feedback about their experience.

Everybody seemed to have a good understanding of the concept, results were very different from each guest.