Wave Rider 1 TECH FUTURE



Wave Rider 1 TECH FUTURE
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Over the past year, MIZUNO has unlocked its vast archive to revisit a style that has remained popular among runners since its first launch in 1998. Two decades later this sneaker is as sharp looking and as technologically advanced as it was then, as proven by the buzz garnered by a series of high-end collaborations with some of the most highly regarded sneaker shops in the world throughout the last year. Limited releases and immediate sold outs have made an icon out of this shoe, and have created a movement of “Wave Rider lovers” across the globe.

A distinctive silhouette which made running history is combined with the technologically advanced materials that compose performance trainers today, to create a sharp, solid shoe with bold accents. The upper is in anodised material, while ripstop nylon - lifted from the current trail collection - has been used for the inserts. The modern vibe is rendered even edgier by the colour selection , either in monochromatic gunmetal grey or in military green.


Weight(g): 360 GR.

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