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Mizuno World

MXR Sport

Mizuno is pleased to introduce MXR, the latest addition to the Sportstyle category. This silhouette is the product of the fusion of retro-tech vibes and 2000s running aesthetic, and features different colour variations and material executions. In this very first drop, Mizuno launches two iconic colourways for the MXR Sport.

S.S. Lazio Home Kit 24/25

Concept of the new jersey is the iconic slogan "One Faith, One Passion", applied in Japanese ideograms on the back of the jersey, under the collar.

Mizuno Alpha Mugen

Run faster than ever before with Mizuno’s top speed boot - weighing just 190 grams. Loaded with features including MIZUNO ENERZY Foam for enhanced cushioning and energy return that boosts your speed.

Mizuno Neo Vista

Introducing the New Mizuno Neo Vista – the neo-generation of swift running. Elevate your running game with this versatile running shoe, designed to support dedicated runners during their daily jogs and speed training sessions. The Mizuno Neo Vista is engineered with Mizuno's cutting-edge technology, including SMOOTH SPEED ASSIST and MIZUNO ENERZY NXT, outside this it offers unparalleled comfort and energy return with every stride.

Wave Rider 28

Introducing the new Wave Rider 28 , where every stride is infused with high-powered energy return. Feel the rush with our innovative MIZUNO ENERZY NXT technology, delivering incredible energy return and a plush landing platform with each step. Crafted for runners who demand the best, the Wave Rider 28 redefines the running experience.

Azalea Limited Edition 2024

Welcome to the exclusive world of the AZALEA club, where only 1,000 owners worldwide enjoy the privilege of owning our coveted limited-edition Azalea Edition Mizuno Pro 241 irons.

Wave Prophecy LS

The technical line combines style and function. It represents our most innovative silhouettes, dressed in pure performance components. It encapsulates the decades of research and development of the Mizuno footwear division. Each style of this line is representative of either an era or a field dominated by the brand, and its significance is in the way each technology has revolutionized its industry each time.

Mugen Concept

A design with our hope that the athletes will perform at the highest level on the biggest stage by balancing their mind, their skills and their body.

Wave Horizon 7

Introducing the Wave Horizon 7, the pinnacle of performance for runners seeking unparalleled comfort and stability. Packed with cutting-edge Mizuno technology, this shoe is guaranteed to revolutionize your running experience. With features like MIZUNO ENERZY CORE / MIZUNO ENERZY for cushioning and energy return, as well as a Smooth Stretch Woven upper ensuring a snug yet stress-free fit, the Wave Horizon 7 sets a new standard for running footwear.

Wave Rebellion Flash 2

Unleash your speed with the Wave Rebellion Flash 2, a running shoe meticulously crafted for those who thrive on swift sprints and the pursuit of peak performance. Powered by innovative features like the SMOOTH SPEED ASSIST, this shoe is a game-changer for runners seeking to break limits and set new records. The top midsole, fortified with MIZUNO ENERZY LITE+ material, offers an exquisite blend of softness and lightweight support, while the bottom midsole's MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM ensures unparalleled cushioning and energy return.

Country Side Pack

Mizuno presents Countryside: the new Kizuna Pack starring the Contender in three new iterations, each celebrating a different element of life in the countryside as well as the desire to reconnect with nature.

Kosei Pack

Mizuno proudly presents the Kizuna Pack, featuring the Wave Rider 10, Wave Rider β, and Wave Prophecy β2. This collection is a celebration of individuality inspired by the Japanese concept of Kosei, meaning "personality."