Wave Skyrise Collection (16)

Men Running 2 colors
Unisex Volleyball 4 colors
£94.50 135.00
Premium Aero Jacket
Women Running 2 colors
£54.00 90.00
Unisex Football 2 colors
Unisex Judo 1 color

Mizuno Wave Skyrise running shoes

Mizuno Wave Skyrise running shoes are firm, wide and soft. Experience more comfort during your run with shoes that have exceptional cushioning and give optimal support. The best shoes for you if you are looking for security in every step.

Excellent running shoes with good stability, thanks to a wider platform in the shoe.... The shoes have a wider sole and are one important millimetre higher than many of the other Mizuno styles. To offer more cushioning, without losing any stability.

More cushioning and stability

Our Wave Skyrise running shoes combine our soft and bouncy MIZUNO ENERZY midsole with XPOP foam in the heel. This combination guarantees optimal cushioning and a soft and bouncy feel. Naturally while maintaining a high amount of stability, even without our characteristic Mizuno Wave plate.

A more comfortable running shoe, also thanks to the minimal heel drop. Because of this your heel is closer to the ground, which gives you more stability and more comfort in your landing. This prepares you for the next step and forms the basis for a good running technique.

17% softer and 15% bouncier

The ENERZY technology in our Mizuno Wave Skyrise running shoes makes them up to 17% softer and 15% bouncier, without losing any stability. Above all you can trust the firm heel cap, which guarantees that you maintain a correct running style.

Tip: our Mizuno Wave Skyrise running shoes do not limit any pronation. Do you notice that you overpronate or did a shoe specialist advise you to run in corrective running shoes? Discover the comparable Wave Horizon shoe or try the Wave Paradox if you are looking for the most corrective running shoe in our range.

With the extra cushioning and extraordinary bounce, the Mizuno Wave Skyrise is ideal for heavier runners. This type of shoe gives you a comfortable and secure run if you have a higher body weight or a very strong heel landing. You will reach your goals and most likely reach beyond!

Mizuno Wave Skyrise running shoes

Discover our Mizuno Wave Skyrise running shoes and experience soft cushioning, incredibly comfort and optimal stability. Important characteristics that come together in this firm shoe that is easily ordered from our website.

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