Mizuno Inazuma Football Shoes
Stories | 21.05.2019

Rebula 3

Strike with Control

The all new Rebula 3 has landed! Created for the matchwinners who take the game by storm.

Leather innovation at its finest. Handcrafted in Japan featuring premium K-leather integrated with a 3D CT-Frame to ensure perfect ball control and a clean striking surface.

Worn by key athletes such as Fernando Torres (Sagan Tosu), Maya Yoshida (Southampton) and Shinji Okazaki (Leicester City).

Mizuno Tennis Collection Clay Season

The new outsole is completely re-engineered to enhance agility and acceleration. The stud stabiliser technology runs through-out the rearfoot and midfoot studs to provide traction during grounding and push-off. This is combined with the D-flex groove in the midfoot to reduce the risk of supination and allow the foot to follow a natural movement during the ground phase.

The boot feels like an extension of your foot thanks to the specially designed integrated mesh tongue. The synthetic strips provide lateral stability by wrapping around your forefoot and midfoot, extending to the heel area.