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Bibione Beach Marathon

The Mizuno Beach Volley Marathon, the biggest beach volleyball event in the world, takes place for the 6th consecutive time in May 2019.

Mizuno Running Apparel Collection

Our new running apparel collection for this summer features is an integration of minimalist design, athletes-centered function and advanced Japanese technology.

Morelia Neo II F9T

 Mizuno has worked together closely with Fernando Torres to create his first ever unique colourway.

Mizuno X Mikkel Hansen

Mizuno X Mikkel Hansen

Three-time IHF World Player of the Year signs with Mizuno. Current World Champion top scorer and three-time IHF MVP, Mikkel Hansen, joins Mizuno for a three-year partnership that will contribute to the development of Mizuno’s performance handball shoes.

Wave Wave Intense Tour 5

Wave Intense Tour 5

The Wave Intense Tour 5 provides both forefoot stability and rearfoot cushioning to help you achieve a performance on court that is both dynamic and smooth.

Mizuno Wave Sonic 2

Wave Sonic 2

Crafted for nothing but speed, Wave Sonic 2 is the race training shoe for runners with a need to go faster. You are training hard on a daily basis to better your best and looking for a way to get an edge in the race against yourself.

Wave Inspire 15 Running Shoe

Wave Inspire 15

15 years ago runners came calling for a go-to shoe for the moderate type of running. The answer from Mizuno was the Wave Inspire, which covers a wide range of runners of different levels.

Football Mizuno Rebula 2

Rebula 2 - Reach for Control

To perform at your highest level, you must always be in control and the Rebula 2 is all about controlling the game with the ball at your feet.

Seashore Pack Mizuno Sportstyle

RB-LINE: Seashore Pack

The echo of far-away beaches infuses the latest iteration of the Wave Rider, the now iconic OG style from Mizuno RB Line.

Waveknit S1 Running Shoe

Waveknit S1

Inspired by our iconic Wave Technology, Mizuno introduces the Waveknit. With a performance enhancing knitted construction on the upper, this innovative material provides a breathable, natural yet dynamic sock-like fit with unique stretch and hold abilities.

Wave Mirage 2.1 Handball

Wave Mirage 2.1

The perfect fit of the Wave Mirage 2.1 doesn’t only provide extreme comfort, it helps you to stay on top of your game and perform at a high level every time.

Cosmo Pack Volleyball

Cosmo Pack

This years design inspiration of the Mizuno Volleyball Range was the cosmos. This is a theme that is represented in Mizunos DNA: our logo was inspired by the cosmos.

Wave Daichi 4 Running Shoe

Wave Daichi 4

The Wave Daichi 4 is Mizuno’s trail running shoe especially designed for unbeatable adaptability so you can maintain top pace even on the most uneven terrains.

Wave Momentum Volleyball Shoe

Wave Momentum - Feed your Motion

Momentum is key for every player and team set to reach beyond their goals. When you have momentum on your side, you are hard to beat.

Day & Night Pack Mizuno Football

Day & Night Pack

Football is more than just practices and matches on the weekend, football is 24/7 all year long. The Day & Night pack is an embodiment of the all-day football. Thinking and playing football from the early hours of the morning into the late hours of the night.

Wave Mujin 5 Running Shoe

Wave Mujin 5

A shoe designed for trail runners that want to thrive in the outdoors and do not shy away from the toughest conditions. The Wave Mujin 5 is Mizuno’s most protective and stable shoe, making athletes feel safe and supported from the first step to the end of the trail.

Wave Impulse Tennis Shoe

Wave Impulse - Reach for Agility

One of the most beautiful aspects of tennis is the fact that it continues to evolve. The rules may be the same, but the pace and rhythm are different. Agility is key.

Wave Rider 22 Running

Wave Rider 22

Mizuno’s iconic Wave Rider is built to give you an extra push when your run gets tough by providing an incredible dynamic cushioned, light and fast feel.

Wave Stealth V Handball Shoe

Wave Stealth V - Reach for Power

The new Wave Stealth V is the most stable and cushioned handball shoe Mizuno has ever made.

Wave Exceed Tour 3 Tennis Shoe

Wave Exceed Tour 3

The Wave Exceed Tour 3 is the perfect balance of comfort, lightweight construction and stability.

Make the swap - netball

#Make the swap

Over 1 Million Netballers wearing the wrong shoes for their sport

Wave Rider 1 Tech Future pack


It's out! The newest TECH FUTURE dominates with its cutting edge vibes and urban colors selection.

Wave Rider 1 90's Athletic pack


The late 90’s saw Mizuno literally dominate in sports, working with the greatest athletes of the time, and reaching technological peaks in advancement and performance.

Wave Stealth V


The shoe for pivot and backcourt players

Cypriot Fairytale

Cypriot Fairytale

From Paramytha to the biggest tournaments

Mizuno Craftmanship

Mizuno Craftmanship

Developing, researching, playing, running, breaking, building, failing, succeeding and winning! This is what we are proud of, this is what gives every single product a story and every shoe a special touch

Wave Lightning Z4

Equatorial Fall Pack

A touch of brightness to the Volleyball Winter Season

Blue Jewel Pack

Blue Jewel Pack

Mizuno and the Italian Volleyball National Team heading to Tokyo 2020

Wimbledon 2018

Wimbledon 2018

Grass courts, white outfits, strawberries and cream.

AltMizuno and Judo: A close bond

Mizuno and Judo: A close bond

More than 50 years of experience in Judo


Dynamism is in the detail

Lighter. More Dynamic. More Comfortable.