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JPX-923 HotMetal Irons

JPX-923 HotMetal Irons - JPX-923 HotMetal Irons - JPX-923 HotMetal Irons - JPX-923 HotMetal Irons - JPX-923 HotMetal Irons -



JPX-923 HotMetal Irons


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Introducing Nickel Chromoly – A new material with so much additional ball speed, our engineers switched their focus to feel and stopping power.
At 35% stronger than our original Hot Metal material, 4335 Nickel Chromoly enables a high-energy 8% thinner clubface.
Combined with Mizuno’s vibration controlling V-Chassis and deep CG design, the JPX923 Hot Metal irons are as enjoyable and controllable as they are long.

“As we get thinner and thinner on the clubface to enhance ball speed – the next challenge becomes sound and feel.
The new V-Chassis reinforces the clubhead in a different way – that gives the extra performance hand in hand with improved feedback.”


Studying over 175,000 recorded Swing DNA fitting sessions with real golfers per year – Mizuno’s R&D team highlighted the need for three distinct player needs and launch patterns.
“There are so many different kinds of players looking for increased ball speed from their irons, we needed more options for them at a fitting level.
The custom studios use shaft selection incredibly well to help with launch angle or slower swing speeds , but the JPX923 Hot Metal HL gives them a great new tool to work with.”

CHRIS VOSHALL - Director of Product"

• Faster Nickel Chromoly - New 4335 Nickel Chromoly is 35% stronger than our original Chromoly, for an 8% thinner, high ball speed clubface
• V-Chassis for mode solid feel - Mizuno's new V-Chassis delivers a more solid satisfying vibration pattern, even though the clubface is 8% thinner Increased
• Stopping Power - Seamless cup face construction delivers deep centre of gravity needed for high launch angle and controllable landing angle
• Consistent Ball Speeds across the Face - The thinnest part of the sole is extended 18% wider, creating a widerr high-energy area.


Body Contrustuction: 4335 Nickel Chromoly

Crown Construction: 4336 Nickel Chromoly

Head: JPX-923 HotMetal


Grip model: LAMKIN ST 360 HYBRID

Dexterity: right handed

Flex: R

Swing weight: n/a

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