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We redefined the iconic Wave Rider with our latest technology MIZUNO ENERZY. A completely new construction, with an enriched upper and an improved midsole for a more responsive and comfortable running experience.

Shoe Sketch
Shoe Sketch

Behind the designIconic performance

Introducing the new Wave Rider 24, the added MIZUNO ENERZY makes this high-performance running shoe 17% softer and 15% more responsive compared to its predecessor. Combined with our MIZUNO WAVE technology, it is designed to deliver a smoother and more dynamic feeling for better and more enjoyable runs.

Wave Rider 24

New Bio-Based Wave Plate

The Wave Rider 24 comes with a bio-based Wave Plate. As an effort to reduce our carbon footprint while providing you with high performance running shoes, Mizuno has collaborated with Pebax Power, and have made the Waver Rider’s iconic Wave Plate more sustainable. Made from Pebax® Rnew® polymer, and Pebax Power’s sustainable, bio-based polymer derived from castor beans.