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Wave Exceed Tour 3
Stories | 27.02.2019

Wave Exceed Tour 3

Get the Advantage

The Wave Exceed Tour 3 is the perfect balance of comfort, lightweight construction and stability; the three key elements that tennis players look for in a shoe. Designed for the all-round player who take rallies in all directions, on any part of the court, the Wave Exceed Tour 3 has superb agility and flexibility. Now you can master your ‘Serve and Volley’ game and apply instant pressure on your opponent, whilst the Wave Exceed Tour 3 takes the pressure off you. During the intense moments of the game, in those crucial points, increasing pressure is applied to the forefoot region.

The Wave Exceed Tour 3 now provides a tighter, narrower and a more secure fit, to prevent your foot from sliding inside the shoe and therefore avoid blisters. A crucial point in itself.

Design Inspiration

The Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 3 Tennis shoe is designed to make a one-word statement: SPEED! The unique linear pattern takes its inspiration from acceleration. But the design serves a purpose, too. Each vertical and horizontal line forms the framework of the shoe’s upper, much like an insect’s wing or the leaf of a tree. Strong, yet light. Whilst the vertical lines on the side of the upper provide increased stability, the horizontal lines improve flexibility. The result is a design so distinctive, it could cause someone to take their eye off the ball.

Wave Exceed Tour 3 Key Technology

The Mizuno Wave technology can be experienced in the Wave Exceed Tour 3. This dynamic yet lightweight shoe responds to your game, providing stable cushioning and support in the midfoot and rearfoot to help maintain stamina.

The flexible nylon Wave Plate plays an important part too, by absorbing shock and maximizing energy return, resulting in a faster transition from rearfoot to forefoot and a quicker push-off.

Wave Exceed Tour 3 Mizuno