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No matter if you run on a treadmill, on trails or through city blocks, the landscape you run is your world to discover.
It’s where you beat mental and physical challenges, it’s where you find new places, new people, new stories, new realities
and opinions. It’s both in your mind, in real life and in the virtual world.
Expanding your horizons, your human experience. Pushing your limits — and potential — broadens everything
from culture, education, and mental well-being.
Reaching a new level is not the finish line. It is always merely the start of a new adventure with so much more to discover.
You have the world at your feet.

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Nathan Johnston

Nathan Johnston is a vision impaired runner, at the age of 9, he slowly began to lose his vision, by 10 he was legally blind. Running became an outlet for his frustration, putting his emotion on the pavement and meeting so many people along the way, fuelling his passion and keeping himself motivated.⁠ Through running Nathan was able to find his community and share his story and experiences. Allow his story to inspire your running journey as you too have THE WORLD AT YOUR FEET.

Susie Chan


Susie Chan is an Endurance Runner who has completed some of the most challenging Ultra Marathons in the world. However, after a serious health scare in 2016, running became less about fast miles and medals, and more about physical health, mental well-being, socializing with the running community and sharing her experiences. Let her story inspire your running journey as you too have THE WORLD AT YOUR FEET.

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