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Announcement: Introducing our vegan shoes

We are proud to announce that our entire running footwear range is now 100% vegan friendly.

Customers can pick any shoe from our extensive running range, with certainty that the products do not contain any form of animal-derived materials. Most importantly this means that no animals were harmed during the creation of our running shoes.

The Mizuno UK running shoe range alone consists of 23 different models for both men and women, plus junior options – right across the board from every-day training, performance, to trail.

Providing a running shoe to suit every runner doesn’t just mean catering to different techniques, gait, speed, or surface; the running market is very knowledgeable and sophisticated, thus, making decisions regarding their next product purchase extremely crucial.

We are therefore delighted to provide an exciting range that combines established Mizuno technologies with the highest quality, vegan friendly materials. A range for runners catering to their standards and needs.