Wave Rider 1 90s Athletic


Wave Rider 1 90s Athletic
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Over the past year, MIZUNO has unlocked its vast archive to revisit a style that has remained popular among runners since its first launch in 1998. Two decades later this sneaker is as sharp looking and as technologically advanced as it was then, as proven by the buzz garnered by a series of high-end collaborations with some of the most highly regarded sneaker shops in the world throughout the last year. Limited releases and immediate sold outs have made an icon out of this shoe, and have created a movement of “Wave Rider lovers” across the globe.

The late 90’s saw Mizuno literally dominate in sports, working with the greatest athletes of the time, and reaching technological peaks in advancement and performance. This collection is a love letter to those years, combining the much-loved shape of the Wave Rider with some of the best, and most iconic, patterns and prints present in the apparel collections of the time.


Weight(g): 390 GR.


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