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what is the best running shoe for me?

So, you have signed up for the event, maybe even started some training? If you haven’t already it’s time to start thinking about your footwear – shoes might be the single most important tool in helping you cross the finish line (and as comfortably as possible!)

Looking at a page of shoes online can be overwhelming, there are so many types of support, cushioning, foams and plates (not to mention colours!)

We have compiled a list of a few key things to consider when choosing your next pair of shoes:


Mizuno make shoes that sit on a spectrum from Neutral on one end to Supportive on the other, so which one is right for you? Some people like support shoes, some people need the additional support under their arch because they roll in, others might roll out and need a more neutral shoe. For those that wear orthotics a neutral shoe is often best to provide a good platform for their orthotic to work with. To know which category of shoe is best suited to your foot type we recommend seeing a Podiatrist or Physio for a gait assessment, or you can head in to a specialty running store for an analysis.


Again, the feeling you want underfoot often comes down to preference, some like a softer foam that gives them the sense of ‘floating’, whereas others like to feel the road and have a more ‘propulsive’ ride. Mizuno makes shoes that offer these different sensations so that you achieve the level of cushioning that suits your running style.


It can be beneficial to have a couple of pairs in your rotation, a training shoe that provides adequate protection and cushioning for you, for those bigger mileage and longer run days and then a lighter, faster type of shoe for your speed sessions and the race day itself. Whilst two shoes are not essential to see you through both your training and race day it could be something you consider.


Everyone's talking about plated shoes! They are certainly a topic of conversation amongst runners these days thanks to the rise of ‘super shoes.’ Whilst these shoes are normally favoured by the more elite runners, Mizuno shoes have for the last 30 plus years used ‘Wave Plates’ as their signature technology in all of their performance running shoes. For Mizuno this technology provides both support and cushioning allowing their shoes to be lighter and more durable.

What’s the research say? Well today we are all about the comfort factor – the shoe you feel the most comfortable in is likely to provide you with the best running outcomes. We recommend heading into store or getting in touch with us if you have any questions around fit, function and form!

Try our shoe finder to find the best running shoe options for your upcoming run and goals!

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