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Stories | 04.11.2019

Mizuno x Osaka Marathon

Wave Rider and Wave Shadow Special Editions

Mizuno is, once again, one of the official sponsors of the Osaka Marathon. This event, which takes place in our home town on December 1st, hosts more than 50,000 runners in a remarkable day where running and charity team up to encourage participants to support a donation program.

Join the Rainbow

During this event, runners, supporters and volunteers work together to “Make a Rainbow”, where each colour represents a charity theme. This is an amazing story that Mizuno integrates in the design of the limited edition Osaka shoes: the Wave Rider 23 and the Wave Shadow 3.

Osaka Marathon

Wave Rider 23 Osaka Marathon Edition

The Wave Rider is the epitome of innovation which embodies our ambition for continuous evolution. Two decades since its launch, this running shoe has become an icon of Mizuno’s running range.

Osaka Marathon Wave shadow

Wave Shadow 3 Osaka Marathon Edition

The Wave Shadow is a performance running shoe for your fastest runs with a newly constructed upper that wraps your foot to create a stress-free fit.

Osaka Marathon path